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Jun 28, 2020

Show Outline

  • Let's Analyze a Multifamily Real Estate Asset
  • Return on Investment (ROI) formula for Real Estate
  • Cash Flow formula for Real Estate
    • Breakdown of Multi-family Income
    • Breakdown of Multi-family Expenses
  • Review of a real Income and Expense statement
  • Review of real Rent Roll

Jun 13, 2020

Show Outline

  • What is a Commercial Real Estate Agent? 
    • How does the Agent help? 
  • How did DeVon get started in Real Estate? 
  • Stock/Equities Market
  • Why Real Estate? 
  • What surprise real estate asset is DeVon investing in? 
  • What has been good about the investments thus far? 
  • What challenges have arisen? 
  • What would...